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The Romeo Bragato Conference is the largest and one of the most important conferences to grape growers and wine makers on the New Zealand calendar. The 18th annual conference was held at the Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim from 22-24 August 2012 and provided participants with a state of the nation overview of the New Zealand wine industry.

I was invited to present a paper and co-host two tastings at the conference. My paper, ‘South American Wines- where do they fit into the evolving world wine market? was presented in a session entitled “South American Wines- the follower of new leader?” In the same session Brian Bicknell of Mahi Wines in Blenheim presented his view on winemaking in South America with an emphasis on his experience working as winemaker for Errázuriz in Chile. Brian’s presentation made the audience aware that Chile is making high quality wines, is developing rapidly and is open the ideas from the rest of the wine making world.

The take home message from the session was clearly: get on the plane to Santiago and see what the fuss is all about.

If you would like a copy of my presentation please email me at

Brian and I ran two wine tasting sessions to showcase current trends in South American winemaking. These sessions have been the subject of an article in the Marlborough Express; and the basis for a Blog which can be found on the blog page of this website.


VinoVitis: Marketing gone Electronic

Vinovitis,, styles itself “Marketing Nous for New Zealand Wine” Journalist, editor, marketer and social media guru Ruby Andrew who runs the site, provides expert and insightful advice on marketing wine in the age of electronic communication.

I particularly like Ruby’s recent post DIY marketing, done well; Lessons learned from a luxury cake business which is a great case-study for wineries, any business in fact, looking to understand and improve their brand positioning and message with consumers. It also addresses how brands can straddle the delicate divide between artisan production and professional marketing


As November’s guest blogger I blogged “ Export: it ain’t easy” with a postscript for New Zealand: “Jam tomorrow – all you can eat the next”

VinoVitis is a great site worthy of bookmarking and Following.


Major Award for Sydney airport duty free World of Wine

For the past year I’ve been working with The Nuance Group on their landmark store at Sydney airport; it’s been a great experience, we’ve developed some outstanding customer communication to help inform customers about the top of the range Australian wines on offer.

Duty-Free News International has awarded Nuance’s Sydney airport store its Best New Store award in its 2010 awards. 


SYD Airport Tax & Duty Free, Sydney Airport Terminal One,

The Nuance Group

Billed as the “biggest duty-free store in the southern hemisphere”, Nuance’s giant flagship outlet at Sydney International

airport terminal one puts spirits and local wines at the core of its offer. The permanent tasting bar and excellent World of Malt Whisky are

excellent features, but for DFNI the highlight of this new shop from a liquor perspective is the World of Wine area, which features over 100

premium and super-premium Australian wines. Wine expert Phil Reedman was drafted in to help create the selection and provide

travellers with helpful tasting notes.


Burgundy School of Business

Seminar update

5th August

The hyperactive and hyper-persuasive Dr Damien Wilson, Director of the MSc Wine Business Course at Dijon’s Burgundy School of Business, organised another web-conference using the Dimdim hosting system.  This seminar focused on Green Issues in the wine industry and along with me, James Millton of Millton Vineyards New Zealand and Dr. Andrew Monk, Director of Biological Farmers Australia presented their views on this live issue. 

The text of my presentation is available upon request to me at

May Seminar Recording Available Now

 At the beginning of May I had the pleasure of presenting a seminar, hosted by the Burgundy School of Business, to a global audience on the subject of Supermarkets and Wine : Present and Future.

If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation please contact me at


The Burgundy School of Business


Established in 1899, The Burgundy School of Business is a leading teaching and research school belonging to the network of top French academic institutions in management. 
As part of the school's inaugural MSc in Wine Business Course I was privileged to deliver a lecture to the students on The UK Wine Market and the role of the Multiple Grocers.

About the MSc in Wine Business
"The MSc in Wine Business draws upon the expertise of an extensive international network of speakers, professionals and academic staff with an in-depth knowledge of the wine sector."
Dr Damien Wilson, Director of MSc in Wine Business, Professor Marketing Department.

New Zealand Wine Business Symposium 2010

In late June I presented a paper at the New Zealand Wine Business Symposium; New Zealand’s semi-annual conference which aims to address the industry’s business and marketing needs.  Fellow presenters included Dr Johan Bruwer (University of Adelaide) Jon Fredrickson (Gomberg Fredrikson, USA)  Prof. Larry Lockshin (University of South Australia) and Dr Isabelle Lesschaeve  (Vineland Research and Innovation, Ontario, Canada).  It was an excellent  event with many stimulating presentations addressing the various pressing issues which confront the New Zealand Wine Industry.

Please email me at if you would like a copy of my presentation, “Supermarket Sales: How can New Zealand Build a Greater Market Share?”



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